Cranleigh Championships (September 2021)

Cranleigh Championships (September 2021)

The new term has started and the courts have been exceptionally busy.
Great to see all the members at the club as well as the kids enjoying their tennis under Grant and the awesome team of coaches.
We wanted to provide a recap of the club Championships and update the members on a few items.
This past weekend (18/19 September) saw the culmination of the Club Championships and we were treated to some good tennis and an excellent BBQ with our resident chief BBQer, David Goodliffe, cooking up a storm. It was tremendous to see so many members come down and watch, creating a great vibe at the club.
Before summarizing the results, it would be remiss not to thank a few people who worked behind the scenes trying to get all the matches played and dealing with numerous challenges along the way
 Thanks to

  • Luke for setting up the draw and infrastructure
  • Dell and Christine for keeping track of scores, managing the match schedule and making it all happen.

This was the biggest entry in Cranleigh’s history which is something to be proud of. Whilst we celebrate the winners and finalists, one of the key priorities of our club championships is to get everyone to enter and participate. Some people have never played in a Competition before and this event is to enable that to happen, as we know it can be quite intimidating. A big congratulations to everyone who entered.
The winners and finalists are summarised below:
Men veteran’s single:
Winner: Jason Raife               
Runner up: Lau Kung

Men’s veteran’s doubles:
Winners: James Edwards and Mike Mannion          
Runners up: Greg Cooper and Steve Wiggins

Ladies veteran’s singles:
Winner: Janet Hunter            
Runner up: Chris Roe

Veterans mixed doubles: 
Winners: Janet and Stephen Hickey  
Runners up: Lesley Kaufman and Dave Forward

Ladies singles:
Winner: Miriam Chapman                            
Runner up: Ella Alleyne

Ladies Doubles:
Winners: Jo Barkey and Miriam Chapman               
Runners up: Chris Roe and lucy Gooden

Men’s singles:
Winner: James Edwards                                
Runner up: Maarten Round

Men’s Doubles:
Winners: James and Tim Edwards                
Runners up: Tom Brooks and John Sprinks

Mixed doubles:
Winners: Miriam Chapman and Maarten Round     
Runners up: Lucy Gooden and James Edwards

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