Cranleigh Social Tennis Update – New Rules

Cranleigh Social Tennis Update – New Rules

Dear Members,

We introduced the pegboard system to social tennis in the summer.

Following the survey results and conversations with members, we decided to review how the social sessions are running as a committee and then decided to refresh the rules.

These rules are periodically going to be reviewed by the committee to keep the sessions as enjoyable as possible. We aim for the next review of the rules to be prior to the AGM so please continue to give feedback.

Please feel free to get in touch with either Luke Gardner, Chris Roe, Katherine Gillespie, Peter McCandless or Nick Stansby if you have any suggestions or improvements.

These are not applicable to the Friday singles session.

The rules are as follows:
1. When it is your turn to pick a “four” you can pick from any of the first 7 players on the pegboard.
2. When making your pick try to pick as balanced a 4 as possible. This could be 2 stronger and 2 weaker players, or 4 stronger or 4 weaker players.
3. If you do not wish to play in a particular game, please take your peg off the board and return it to the bottom of the board.
4. When sessions are busy, each match should be a maximum of 8 games. Players can choose to play tie breaks at 3-3 with sudden death at 6-6 for a definite winner. If the match concludes before 8 games, the game should still end.
6. There is a sudden death deuce on the 2nd deuce.
7. If courts are free and no one is waiting, then full sets can be played with tiebreaks at 5-5.

Cranleigh Committee

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