Covid-19 Update (July 2021)

Covid-19 Update (July 2021)

The ever-anticipated 19th July has arrived and we thought it would be useful to provide an update from the Committee on how we envisage the clubhouse/bar operating.
Our club has members of all ages and we ask you to bear that in mind, as we want to continue to ensure the good health of all members. This move to step 4 by the Government does not mark the end of the need for caution and restraint
With that in mind

  1. The screens at the bar will remain in place
  2. Ordering will now be at the bar
  3. Masks are not mandatory inside the clubhouse but it is a personal choice
  4. We will not enforce check-in but encourage you to continue to do so
  5. We will continue to provide hand sanitiser on the courts and at the bar.

I would, however, urge everyone to be cautious, as with the continual increasing Covid cases, we want to ensure Cranleigh does not become part of that statistic.

Let’s remain vigilant, be sensible and continue to exercise social distancing as appropriate.
You have been brilliant throughout this tough period and we sincerely appreciate it.

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