Cranleigh Tennis Club

Adult Tennis

Social Sessions

Drop in club doubles social sessions, where varying levels of players mix in, on:

  • Tuesday Doubles Mornings 9-12pm
  • Tuesday Doubles evenings (Bar Open) 7:30-10pm
  • Friday Doubles Mornings 9-12pm
  • Friday Singles evenings (Bar Open) 7:30-10pm
  • Sunday Doubles afternoons (Bar Open) 1-4 pm

If you are interested, feel free to contact us or pop down on a Sunday afternoon club session to get a feel for the club, with no obligation to join. Non-members can visit a maximum of two times before they need to decide whether to join or not.

Morning sessions are arranged by other members, usually through WhatsApp. 

The Pegboard System

In recent years, we have introduced a pegboard system for the Social session in order to provide an orderly way to create matchups that are balanced and get people on the court quickly.

The rules are as follows:
1. When it is your turn to pick a “four” you can pick from any of the first 7 players on the pegboard.
2. When making your pick try to pick as balanced a 4 as possible. This could be 2 stronger and 2 weaker players, or 4 stronger or 4 weaker players.
3. If you do not wish to play in a particular game, please take your peg off the board and return it to the bottom of the board.
4. When sessions are busy, each match should be a maximum of 8 games. Players can choose to play tie breaks at 3-3 with sudden death at 6-6 for a definite winner. If the match concludes before 8 games, the game should still end.
6. There is a sudden death deuce on the 2nd deuce.
7. If courts are free and no one is waiting, then full sets can be played with tiebreaks at 5-5.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the system, feel free to ask committee members who are usually present.

Lots of scope to arrange other games or sessions of doubles or singles; players are very welcoming and court availability is good.


There are many opportunities for coach-led sessions for beginners, improvers, and intermediate players.  See the Limitless Tennis website.

Singles Box League

Head Coach Grant Fellows ( 07740 194200) runs four or five connected box leagues for members, offering a space to play regular, competitive singles against well-matched players from the club.

Club Tournament

The club holds an annual tournament, which culminates in a finals weekend.  For 2021, the tournament is running from July to September.  Categories change each year, but usually include Juniors (Girls & Boys), Ladies & Men’s Singles & Doubles, Mixed Doubles and various Veteran’s Doubles and Singles.

On finals weekend, a BBQ is held and all members of the club are welcome to cheer on the finalists.

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The 2022 Cranleigh Club Championships finished on the 24th/25th of September with record attendance, congratulations to all the winners and we hope next year is even better!