Parents meeting

Parents meeting
If you are a member of Cranleigh LT&SC, either a player or a social member or a parent of a child who is a member and receives coaching at Cranleigh LT&SC we like you to be more involved.
You would have received an email about the parents meeting and how we are a club run by volunteers and would like to have some extra help to run YOUR CLUB.
On Tuesday 21st October at 7.30pm we will have another meeting to discuss ideas and put an action plan together on how we can move the club forward and it would be great if you could attend and maybe offer some ideas to enhance the use of the club and add some social events. Even if you can just make it for 20mins, it would be great to see you supporting the club.
From this meeting we would like to:
Build a Parent/Social sub committee
Plan social events and for people to organise them
Have some ideas on how to improve what we offer to our members help with fundraising
Add a few people to our club committee
It would be great to hear what you think of your club and how this can be improved. Whether you are a new member or been at Cranleigh for years, here is your chance to speak up and we will do all we can to improve your club.
I would love to have a hitting wall at the club, let’s try and raise the funds. I think a kids zone with a basketball ring and a mini tennis courts would be great but we need the funds to do this. New furniture, carpets, a new fridge is a few other things we need but we have to work hard to improve the facilities.
Here are a few examples of how you could bring new people to the club:
You are a member of a football team and always go to a pub after the game on a Sunday – bring them to Cranleigh.
You attend a knitting group and need a new venue to hold the classes – use Cranleigh.
Your friend works for Avon or Hosts Jamie Oliver’s parties, you can arrange this event for the club.
You are a member of a band – come and play for us at Cranleigh.
Think outside the box.
Here are a few examples of how you could help with the running of the club or events:
Currently there are a lot of leaves falling on the courts – you could help once per week to clear them up. Just 1 hour per week.
Captain a junior team, organise the players and welcome opponents to
Cranleigh. You will receive the training and it’s pretty straightforward.
Arrange regular BBQs in the summer, bring your friends and enjoy our lovely garden with a Pimm’s in hand or a nice cold beer. Or a soft drink of course!
Be on a new ‘Parent Committee’ and help to arrange events for the juniors of Cranleigh LT&SC. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in.
Join the club committee; we meet on Monday evenings once every 2 months, it’s not a huge commitment and would be great to receive some different ideas and help in any way possible.
When we have Open Days, just be around to welcome new people to the club.
You may have joined recently and it would be great for you to share your experiences with other members.
We don’t know all of your skill sets but for example, you could work for a Web Design Company or you know somebody who does and they could keep our website up to date or help us with it when needed.
We hope to see you next Tuesday, 7.30-9pm
Many thanks,
Cranleigh Club Committee

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