Summer season results 0

Cranleigh enjoyed a succesful summer season, with great results for the women’s teams, a brilliant debut season for the mixed team and some solid results for the men, showing the progress the club is making.

The women’s first team of Chris (capt), Sarah, Kate, Caroline, Amanda, Debbie and Sharmani topped their table to get promoted two divisions.

The women’s second team of Janet (capt), Sharmani, Jane, Caroline, Mo, Mojca, Lesley, Lucy, Suzy and Chris finished third in the table to stay in the division.

And the women’s third team of Suzy (capt), Andrea, Nicola, Jenny, Rina, Helene, Lucy and Aarti finished second to get promoted one division.

The mixed team of Caroline (capt), Adam, George, Amanda, Sarah, Mojca and Joel had a fantastic debut season, topping the table and only dropping one rubber (and only because Joel had to leave for work when he and Mojca were 7-5, 3-3 up).

The men’s first team of Adam (capt), George, John, Tom, James, Grant, Luke, Greg and Jayson finished fourth and stay in the division.
The men’s second team of Luke (capt), Alan, Steve, Greg, Joel, Ben Bair, John, Tom and Adam finished fourth and stay in the division.

The men’s third team of Stephen (capt), Martin, Victor, Mark, Rob, Sam and Pete unfortunately finished bottom and went down, but the team is getting some new players and now has a new captain, Martin, so hopefully results will improve.
And finally the men’s fourth team, including our very talented youngsters Jack, Ben B, James, Ben Stinson and Will, finished second and are promoted one division.